❛❛Pleasure is your birthright.
"Craving pleasure is innate. But talking about, seeking, and experiencing pleasure is stigmatized. That's why we're here - because you are entitled to feel good, to learn, to be empowered, and to explore all the pleasure life has to offer."


Pleasurist breaks the taboo of pleasure by celebrating it through education, conversation, and products that give all bodies the power to transform moments of pleasure into life momentum.

We focus on all aspects of pleasure: physical, mental, and emotional. We believe in the ecosystem built by pleasure that enables us to reach our potential. And Pleasurist wants a world where all people realize their potential to harness the power of pleasure to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Rachel Ballatori


Rachel Ballatori is the Founder & CEO of Pleasurist. She is also the Founder & CEO of Mill + Co., a woman-owned and majority-woman-operated advertising collective. She has dedicated her career to shining meaningful light on stories that matter. That's why, in early 2021, Rachel decided it was time to shed light on her own story, her experience with sexual health, empowerment, intimacy, and pleasure, as a result of a time in her life that was a particularly low point, corrected by the empathy, non-judgment, and education of two women in a sex shop. And so, Rachel founded Pleasurist on a simple insight: pleasure is taboo, and it shouldn't be. Sex is not about orgasm, but the lack of education around pleasure leads to misinformation and feeds negative societal stigmas.

Emily Koch


Emily is the Brand Strategy & Communications Manager at Pleasurist. After connecting with Rachel as an intern at Mill + Co., she decided to join her at Pleasurist full-time to work toward the important goal of empowering pleasure for all people. With a background in psychology and a passion for creativity, Emily hopes that her work at Pleasurist can foster holistic pleasure through incredible content, education, products, and community. 

Pleasure is about more than a moment. It’s bigger than a moment. It’s about the momentum it brings to life.

Pleasure opens us up to see and seize opportunity. It releases the expectations we have of ourselves, so we can become our best selves.

Exercise. Meditate. Masturbate.™  Get the dream job. Tell someone you love them. Do that thing that scares you. This is what pleasure empowers. Because our pleasure is our power.

It unleashes our greatness to the world. And it’s for all in this world.