Why We’re Here

The first time our founder and CEO, Rachel Ballatori, walked into a sex toy shop, she did so with her hood up and her head down. The women in the store showed her the ropes (literally and figuratively) and she walked out feeling empowered. 

Why do so many people, like Rachel, feel shame around using these types of products? While there is no shortage of sex toy companies or demand for them, we believe that people are still in the dark about holistic pleasure: pleasure before, during, and after an orgasm. We feel that current sex toy brands are actually creating a shame barrier for people who have trouble achieving orgasm and that they push the narrative that the orgasm is the end-all-be-all. But at Pleasurist, we know pleasure is much greater than just one moment.

With so much emphasis on better, harder, and faster orgasms, conversations about why holistic pleasure matters are missing. People deserve to understand the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that experiencing and talking about pleasure can bring to their lives. 

Our Solution

Pleasurist began as an expert-informed content engine as we partnered with experts from around the world to gather information that can help educate and empower people to live pleasure-filled lives. To empower our community further, Pleasurist began working with carefully-curated and hand-picked brands that make and supply the highest-quality, body-safe, medical-grade, and carefully tested products on the market. Our end result: a hub of educational material and high-quality products for our community so that everyone can enhance their own pleasure in their daily lives.