A Pro-Pleasure E-commerce Marketplace, Pleasurist is Changing The Way We Perceive Pleasure

A Pro-Pleasure E-commerce Marketplace, Pleasurist is Changing The Way We Perceive Pleasure

Pleasurist empowers your pleasure by combining sexual health, education and a curated collection of body-safe, medical-grade products

Boston, Massachusetts (November 22, 2021) - - Pleasurist was founded in early 2021 by Rachel Ballatori (she/her/hers) when she discovered the lack of carefully curated products for pleasure. Pleasurist is an expert-informed community on topics in sexual health and education. On November 22, 2021, Pleasurist will launch its official marketplace of vetted, high-quality, body-safe, medical grade and carefully tested products. 

"Pleasure is your birthright. Craving pleasure is innate. But talking about, seeking, and experiencing pleasure is stigmatized. That's why we're here - because you are entitled to feel good, to learn, to be empowered, and to explore all the pleasure life has to offer”, says Ballatori.

Pleasurist was created on the foundation of pleasure. It’s more than a moment, rather the momentum building up to that moment. “Pleasure doesn’t have to be sexual. It can be as simple as enjoying the sunshine on your face”, says Lupe Fuentes, Chief Pleasure Officer. 

Ballatori had the idea for Pleasurist when she walked into a sex toy shop with her hood up and her head down. But when she left, she walked out feeling informed and empowered. The women in the store were helpful and encouraging, and that inspired Ballatori to do the same, but on a much larger scale. “Why do we feel shame when using personal pleasure products?” says Ballatori. Pleasure isn’t exclusive to sex toys, but includes sexual health kits, fertility trackers, menstrual cups and more. These products and the demand for these products exist, but many people are still in the dark about holistic pleasure. 

To further its mission of normalizing pleasure and overcoming societal stigmas, Pleasurist will be launching an inclusive ecommerce marketplace, curated with hand-picked brands that make and supply the highest-quality, body-safe, medical-grade, and clinically tested products on the market. Showcasing independently owned and created products, you can now educate yourself and purchase products from women and minority-owned companies that support Pleasurist’s mission of breaking the taboo of pleasure by celebrating it through education, conversation and products. 

You can follow along for live updates @mypleasurist on Instagram and TikTok, and stay up-to-date about the marketplace launch at www.mypleasurist.com. If you subscribe to Pleasurist emails before 11/22/21, you’ll receive an exclusive promo code for 15% off your first purchase!


Pleasurist breaks the taboo of pleasure by celebrating it through education, conversation, and products that give all bodies the power to transform moments of pleasure into life momentum.

We focus on all aspects of pleasure: physical, mental, and emotional. We believe in the ecosystem built by pleasure that enables us to reach our potential. And Pleasurist wants a world where all people realize their potential to harness the power of pleasure to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.